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Leading Mindfulness & Workplace Wellbeing

Empowering a more mindful community, our in-depth trainings are delivered through impactful discussions on building resiliency, instilling a self-care practice, and understanding your community through shared experiences.

Effective + Affinity = Effinity

We instill both definitions in every training we give by being effective in providing tools to navigate our relationships and demonstrating compassion for ourselves and each other . Together, we empower a more mindful community.

Training Programs We Offer

We offer professional development programs that promote leadership development, improve team dynamic, and build a high-performing organizational culture, while improving outcomes for clients and customers.


We work together to understand what mindfulness really is, how it can benefit you, and learn to use valuable tools to practice mindfulness through our daily activities and routines.

Trauma-Informed Care

What is trauma, how do we understand it, and how does it impact us and those around us? Our Trauma Informed Care workshops will help you gain an understanding of the long-lasting impact of trauma and provide you with practical tools that you can use in your service to others.


Building your resiliency means that that you’ll be better equipped to handle times of crisis and stress. Our interactive workshops will encourage you, build you up, and provide you with a multitude of skills to be your most resilient self!

“We have really benefited in supporting our staff and their retention of what we learned with Effinity. Looking at the challenges they face every day working with our vulnerable population, we incorporate self-care into our weekly team meetings and as part of our benefits package.”

Val Stanley, Director of Women’s Services at The Lord’s Place, Inc.

“What makes Effinity superior in their training? It is interactive, interesting, and research-based. Their knowledge of human resource issues also gives them an edge, as they are able to quickly identify potential “hotspots” and address in a non-threatening way.  On a personal level, I have found their advice invaluable in working with my staff.”

-Brenda Reddout, Executive Director at Talbot House

Effinity Leadership

Jamie Meyer - Vice President

Jamie is a Compassion Fatigue trainer through TEND academy and has served at Metropolitan Ministries for twenty years where she has developed training for staff and community groups to increase awareness of issues of poverty and homelessness, trauma, and self-care.

Woman smiling Jamie Meyer

Tejal Patel – Associate Director

Tejal has served at Metropolitan Ministries for the past seven years, transitioning from Events Management to Effinity Training. Through trainings, she helps those gain an understanding of the long-lasting impact of trauma and get practical tools to use in the service to others.

Woman smiling Tejal Patel

Ted X USF Talk

Watch, as Jamie Meyer demonstrates the foundational concepts that we at Effinity use today to meet our clients where they are. We begin to understand the why (history/reasons) behind the what (attitude/behavior) which breaks down barriers and builds bridges of understanding with one another.